By Joe Crea, Northeast Ohio Media Group

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Romance is in the eye, and the heart, of the beholder – just as with beauty.

And the perfect place you choose to woo that special someone, or remind him or her just how much you care, is every bit a personal call. One lover’s magical hideaway could be another’s… “Seriously?”

So as I set about conjuring a list of 14 romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I tried on as many “hats” as possible. Namely, I aimed for settings that I’d have liked to take a date (and these days, my wife) at different ages and styles. Stages of finance, too.

(PS: I started by considering places where I’ve enjoyed good food, too.)

Whether bargain basement or luxe, the underlying factor in including these spots on my list is whether any given setting has its own sort of beauty (or coolness) to it. I tried to come up with places that afford a special kind of mood, one that contributes to conversation and intimacy.

Though it probably goes without saying, if you’re set on celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day and haven’t already booked a table, you’d better start making calls. (Plenty of places offer holiday specials on Friday and even on Sunday, if you’re willing to bend the rules…)

WASHINGTON PLACE BISTRO & INN, 2203 Cornell Road (Little Italy), Cleveland; 216-791-6500 -

“Romantic” doesn’t just mean dimly lit. Walls painted in warm, sunny colors provide a delightful background to this warren of intimate rooms.

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